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lothy's Journal

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17 April 1986

I'm Lanta, also known as Lothy. I'm 23 years old, British, and currently studying MA Information and Library Management at university in Liverpool.

My interests include: sci-fi and fantasy, TV and film, books and fanfiction, and the Internet. I read fanfiction in many different fandoms, and I don't care whether a story is gen, het, slash or femmeslash; I'll read them all.

My fanfiction

Archive Of Our Own


My recs

Mayitbe.co.uk - my multi-fandom fanfiction recs site.

mayitbe_books - my book recommendations, fully tagged by subject & genre.

I also bookmark all of the fanfics I really enjoy at del.icio.us. Each story is tagged by fandom, pairing and word length, and many of them by theme as well, so it's easy to find your way to the type of story you like.

My thematic fanfiction lists

I have made a lot of thematic lists, for a number of different fandoms; however, very few of these are still being updated.

List Links - multi-fandom delicious lists directory. Update community: list_links.

My guides and resources

Jane Austen resource list to help you find information, fan communities, images, icons, fanfiction, online versions of the novels and even a Jane Austen font.

Using ficsearching communities and forums (includes a list of ficsearch comms)

Summaries: a guide to writing them

A guide to using RSS feeds in fandom

Tips and techniques for saving stories from the internet

Creating a themed list in the Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis fandoms (based upon painless_j's HP guide)

Writing royalty and nobility in fiction - some common mistakes and helpful hints

My LJ communities

disciplinefics - for posting and reccing discipline fics.

dsfics - for posting and reccing D/s fics.

het_ficfinders - for searching for het recs or specific het stories from any fandom.

slavefics - for all things slave-fic. Recommendations, self-promotions, discussions, bunnies & fic searches are all welcome.

women_lead - for stories, discussions, artwork and other content related to women in authority (from leadership positions to femdom BDSM).

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