Atalanta (lothy) wrote,

NCIS Complaint

I'm currently re-watching NCIS season one. A number of things strike me, especially in comparison to more recent seasons of NCIS.

It's distinctly better than recent NCIS which I already basically knew - less complicated plot structures, more variety of formats, better team dynamics, more appropriate crimes for NCIS (involving actual ships and sailors/marines), better characterisation of Tony, and Kate is far more convincing than Ziva (I like Ziva but she makes no sense as a character).

But I'm SO FRUSTRATED with how they wrote Kate in regard to her Secret Service background.

There are multiple times where she's annoyingly naive, gullible, etc. And times where her shooting skill isn't great, or she does stupid things like go into a potential hostage situation without letting anyone know first.

I wouldn't mind so much if she had a different background, but she used to protect the President of the United States. She would have to be highly skilled to even get into the Secret Service, and then receive a lot of training. NCIS writers seem to have repeatedly ignored the background they created for her.

The few times her Secret Service training is actually utilised - most commonly profiling - it inevitably does not in any way contribute to the actual solving of the case.

I'm very irritated by it.

Side note - I really loved NCIS's recent episode with Kate's sister in it. Well, the scenes which had her in (I found the actual case story rather boring). Not only was it nice to pay tribute to a character who'd been dead for so long (not very usual on TV), the sister was very insightful about Kate's relationships with the other characters, and especially about Tony.

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