Atalanta (lothy) wrote,

To any number of writers of fanfiction, published fiction and also TV series...

If you're going to have time altered by somebody's actions while time travelling, is there any chance that you could offer even a vague explanation for the changes in the new time line?

For example, why a change in timeline that seemingly has nothing to do with a particular character could make him divorced.

Or make somebody never have been born.

Or give somebody else a complete and total different identity (I'm looking at you, Primeval - and your change in the past was loosing a few baby future predatars in prehistory, for goodness' sake - why does it turn Claudia into Jenny but make no other changes at all?).

Or make somebody not autistic (Eureka, that one's you).

Or why somebody who was an exile in the original timeline would become Emperor in the new one.

I'm not saying these things aren't perfectly possible in an altered timeline... but any chance of a quick hint as to why?

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