Atalanta (lothy) wrote,

Doctor Who Live... was amazing.

Great monsters (loved seeing the kids' reactions), lovely specially filmed scenes with Matt Smith, music performed live with really talented singers and most of all an actual plot that worked.

I hadn't been planning to go - a friend of my parents' contacted them on Monday saying she had two tickets she couldn't use and did they want them? So I ended up going for free with my mother. And despite being in our 20s and 60s respectively, we didn't feel out of place - there were people of all ages there, many of them definitely not coming with children!

I just wish I'd taken some pictures. But a (different) friend of my parents was sitting in the front row and apparently took loads so I'll hopefully pick them off her Facebook. (Photography was not allowed, but it seemed like 99% of people there took no notice of that...!)

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