9 years later...

Hi all,

I'm not sure how many people will remember me as the last time I posted was apparently 2011!

I haven't really been involved with fandom for a long time, beyond reading and commenting on fanfiction, but I'm looking to get back into it a little now! I miss the community feel we had years ago. Twitter cannot compare!

Anyone who is still on LJ and sees this - do you know where the best places to go are these days please? I know a lot has moved off LJ? Are there good Discord servers I should join? Any suggestions are very welcome!!

I have recently started a "Bookstagram" account in Instagram to talk about my favourite books and editions - username @ros_lanta


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Question to those of you who ever make their own pizzas (or put extra toppings on top of a cheese & tomato, or anything like that): what kind of toppings do you put on?

Not counting vegetables or cheese.

I like variety when I make pizzas, I like to try something a bit different sometimes, but I find it hard to think of new things which don't take a really long time to put together and don't cost much.

Toppings I've used include:

Ham (chopped into pieces)
Bacon bits (bought in a packet then fried)
Herbs & spices (a particular spicy mix bought especially for pizzas)
Pepperoni (bought in slices, but it's not so cheap and tends to have far more in the packet than I can use so it gets wasted)
Hot dogs (tinned, cut into pieces)
Chicken (cut into pieces)

Anyone have any other suggestions, please?

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NCIS Complaint

I'm currently re-watching NCIS season one. A number of things strike me, especially in comparison to more recent seasons of NCIS.

It's distinctly better than recent NCIS which I already basically knew - less complicated plot structures, more variety of formats, better team dynamics, more appropriate crimes for NCIS (involving actual ships and sailors/marines), better characterisation of Tony, and Kate is far more convincing than Ziva (I like Ziva but she makes no sense as a character).

But I'm SO FRUSTRATED with how they wrote Kate in regard to her Secret Service background.

There are multiple times where she's annoyingly naive, gullible, etc. And times where her shooting skill isn't great, or she does stupid things like go into a potential hostage situation without letting anyone know first.

I wouldn't mind so much if she had a different background, but she used to protect the President of the United States. She would have to be highly skilled to even get into the Secret Service, and then receive a lot of training. NCIS writers seem to have repeatedly ignored the background they created for her.

The few times her Secret Service training is actually utilised - most commonly profiling - it inevitably does not in any way contribute to the actual solving of the case.

I'm very irritated by it.

Side note - I really loved NCIS's recent episode with Kate's sister in it. Well, the scenes which had her in (I found the actual case story rather boring). Not only was it nice to pay tribute to a character who'd been dead for so long (not very usual on TV), the sister was very insightful about Kate's relationships with the other characters, and especially about Tony.

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Female Characters Meme

I saw this on netgirl_y2k's journal and felt the urge to do it myself. Apparently it was originally for International Women's Day.

You might also be interested in my Top Female TV Characters of the 2000s list, written in early 2010. I've tried to cover some different women this time around, although there's inevitably a bit of crossover.

I kind of wish that there were more categories, because there were so many women I wanted to include and had to leave out! *Looks mournfully towards Gillian Foster, Jaina Solo, Lauren Reed, Caitlin Todd...*

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To any number of writers of fanfiction, published fiction and also TV series...

If you're going to have time altered by somebody's actions while time travelling, is there any chance that you could offer even a vague explanation for the changes in the new time line?

For example, why a change in timeline that seemingly has nothing to do with a particular character could make him divorced.

Or make somebody never have been born.

Or give somebody else a complete and total different identity (I'm looking at you, Primeval - and your change in the past was loosing a few baby future predatars in prehistory, for goodness' sake - why does it turn Claudia into Jenny but make no other changes at all?).

Or make somebody not autistic (Eureka, that one's you).

Or why somebody who was an exile in the original timeline would become Emperor in the new one.

I'm not saying these things aren't perfectly possible in an altered timeline... but any chance of a quick hint as to why?

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Minor rant here: why is it always family of four?

Want a cheaper family ticket to somewhere? You need to have two adults, two kids. Win a competition for a trip/meal/tickets/whatever and if it's not just for two then it's for two adults, two children.

I know that they can't just do a family ticket saying "any and all family members welcome even if there's 16 of you!!" but really... not all families consist of two adults and two children. In fact, I'd imagine the majority don't.

There's plenty of families with no children at all but more than two adults, others with only one parent, others with only one child, or three or four children... (seriously, can you imagine winning a competition and having to tell one of your kids that they can't join in claiming the prize?)

If nothing else, couldn't it be widened to include one parent, three kids or something? Or just four people in general without any specification as to age?

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Avalon High - Book & Movie

  • Avalon High by Meg Cabot - a novel where a group of teenagers begin to realise they may be the reincarnations of important figures from Camelot.
  • Avalon High original Disney Channel TV movie adaptation starring Brittany Robertson (from Life Unexpected).
This is going to contain spoilers for both, hence the Collapse )

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Doctor Who Live... was amazing.

Great monsters (loved seeing the kids' reactions), lovely specially filmed scenes with Matt Smith, music performed live with really talented singers and most of all an actual plot that worked.

I hadn't been planning to go - a friend of my parents' contacted them on Monday saying she had two tickets she couldn't use and did they want them? So I ended up going for free with my mother. And despite being in our 20s and 60s respectively, we didn't feel out of place - there were people of all ages there, many of them definitely not coming with children!

I just wish I'd taken some pictures. But a (different) friend of my parents was sitting in the front row and apparently took loads so I'll hopefully pick them off her Facebook. (Photography was not allowed, but it seemed like 99% of people there took no notice of that...!)